Letter from the Director

Dear Friends,


My name is Garrett Batty, and I’m the co-writer and director of OUT OF LIBERTY.  Since releasing the film in a few theaters in Utah, we have received HUNDREDS of requests to bring the film to theaters across the country.  I am humbled by the response and am grateful to those who have helped champion the film this far.  Thank you.


Because of your response, our distributor, Purdie Distribution, has spent weeks working with theater bookers, individual locations, and nationwide chains, to accommodate as many requests as possible.  We are thrilled to announce that these efforts have made it possible for us to open OUT OF LIBERTY in theaters across the country, for SPECIAL EVENT SCREENINGS!


OUT OF LIBERTY Special Events!
Monday, November 18th 7PM – Premiere Screening
Wednesday, November 20th 7PM – Encore Screening


Theaters have booked the film for only two nights.  Our goal is to sell at least 100 tickets for each screening.  But we need your help.  We invite you to take part in a grass-roots volunteer effort to get word to family, friends, neighbors, church leaders, youth groups, mission presidents, public affairs committees, local newspapers, bulletin coordinators, senior citizens, accountants, dentists, school teachers, book clubs, drop outs, the crossing guard, and even the little boy who lives down the lane.  Everyone needs to know about this story.


We’ve seen incredible results when residents near the theater share the film.  At an earlier screening, the turn-out was so great that the theater chain booked the film for a few additional weeks.  The area’s mission president even invited missionaries to bring people to the film!  What started out as a simple request, turned into weeks of play to audiences that typically don’t receive spiritual films.


When Joseph Smith and five other church leaders left Liberty Jail in 1839 they had to remain in hiding for fear of losing their lives.  Now, exactly 180 years later, having a film that covers their incarceration be welcomed into theaters across the country, is nothing short of miraculous.  With OUT OF LIBERTY, we remember their sufferings, we celebrate their revelations, and we honor their deliverance.  And we invite you to join in doing the same.


Please help fill the screenings in your area by doing the following:
  • Find the theater closest to you on our list of locations
  • Purchase tickets online or at the theater
  • Sign up for updates
  • Consider who to invite to the film
  • Make person-to-person invites for others to see the film
  • Attend the movie on Nov 18th & Nov 20th
  • Thank the theater for booking uplifting content
  • Leave a positive review on IMDb.com and RottenTomatoes.com
Thank you so much,
Garrett Batty